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Short Description

The increasing digitalization shapes and provides new impulses for the marketing activities of companies in many ways. First, the digital “footprints” left by users enable the development of sophisticated predictive models (“Big Data”) and powerful decision support systems. Second, users are increasingly taking over individual stages in the value chain: creating online content (e.g. YouTube videos or blog entries), digital word-of-mouth advertising in the form of customer reviews and recommendations (viral marketing). Third, social media in particular plays an increasingly important role in generating and channeling attention. Fourth, new cloud technologies require greater data availability (“ubiquitous computing”). However, in addition to the opportunities opened up by these developments, companies and employees also perceive associated disadvantages. For example, B2B customers perceive risks due to digital technologies, which represent possible barriers to market success. In this area of tension, the members of the Digital Marketing Research Topic are researching relevant challenges for business practice and society, which are grouped around the answers to the following research questions.

  • How can digital services be marketed optimally?
  • How should online campaigns be designed to achieve the highest possible conversion rate?
  • How can the return policy in online retailing be designed optimally?
  • How must different offline and online channels interact to optimally support consumers in their consumer experience and increase the market success of companies?
  • What are the motives of end users to participate in social sharing processes?
  • How can companies mitigate the customer risks associated with digital services?
  • What are the social advantages and disadvantages associated with the increasing use of digital and social media?
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Research Partners: Practice Partners:
  • LMU München
  • Universität zu Köln
  • ING-DiBa
  • Seedmatch
  • Prof. Alexander Benlian (main contact)
  • Prof. Andreas Pfnür
  • Social Media Monitor Studies since 2012 at the department of Prof. Hinz