Digital Entrepreneurship

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Short Description

The increasingly extensive use of digital technologies in processes, products and services is challenging old business models. New, disruptive business models offer both opportunities and risks. What are the promising basic patterns of innovative business models that exploit the potential of digital technologies? What challenges and potential do disruptive business models bring for established companies?

  • What business model innovations are made possible by enabling/disruptive technologies in different industries?
  • What role do IT start-ups play in the digital transformation?
  • How are digital technologies changing innovation processes within and across companies?
  • How is 'Industry 4.0' changing the start-up scene?
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Research Partners: Practice Partners:
  • LMU/TU München
  • Universität Passau
  • Universität St. Gallen
  • ING-DiBa
  • Campana & Schott
  • Deutsche Bahn
  • Fujitsu/TDS
  • Continental
  • SAP
  • Prof. Carolin Bock (main contact)
  • Prof. Alexander Kock (main contact)
  • Prof. Alexander Benlian
  • Prof. Peter Buxmann
  • Prof. Ralf Elbert
  • Prof. Volker Nitsch
  • Prof. Andreas Pfnür
  • Prof. Dirk Schiereck
  • Prof. Janine Wendt
  • Since 2015: Adoption of service innovations in the B2B sector: An interdisciplinary study using the example of the software industry, DFG project of the Innovation & Entrepreneurial Marketing research group together with the Chair of Information Systems with a focus on Business Information Systems at the University of Passau (Prof. Widjaja).
  • 2015: Lecture event together with ING-DiBa at the TU Darmstadt on “The change of business models through the digital transformation” (Prof. Benlian and Prof. Schiereck)