Our main topics are characterized by high international and practical relevance. Against this background, the members of the research pillar regularly establish contact and exchange with experts. In the context of guest lectures, we make the experts' specialist knowledge accessible to a broad audience.

Guest Lectures in the context of the Research Pillar

Title Referent Institution Date
Die unternehmerische Wirtschaftsinformatik Prof. Dr. Thomas Hess LMU München 09.06.2022
Conceptualizing the Privacy Paradox Dr. Marten Risius University of Queensland, Brisbane 10.05.2022
In the Need for Speed: The IS Governance Deviance Effects of IS Speed Misalignment Prof. Dr. Johann Kranz LMU München 12.04.2022
Overcoming the Single-IS Paradigm in Individual-Level IS Research Prof. Dr. Jin Gerlach Universität Passau 21.03.2022
Designing Digital Market Offerings: How Digital Ventures Navigate the Tension between Generative Digital Technology and the Current Environment Prof. Dr. Julian Lehmann VU Amsterdam 15.02.2022
Managing Artificial Intelligence Prof. Dr. Jan Recker Universität Hamburg 15.11.2021
Algorithmic Management of Work on Online Labor Platforms: When Matching Meets Control Prof. Dr. Robert Gregory University of Virginia 19.07.2021
Coping with Platform Owner Entry: A Longitudinal Study of Four Enterprise Software Complementors Prof. Dr. Thomas Kude ESSEC Business School 10.05.2021